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Arabic Language – Overview From the Translation Company

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Arabic Language – Overview From the Translation Company

Closely related to Hebrew and Aramaic, Arabic can be a Central Semitic language. It consists of around thirty sub languages spoken mainly in Algeria, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian territories, Syria, Uae etc.

Modern Arabic is easily the most widely spread language of the Semitic language family. It derives from Classical Arabic, the liturgical language of Islam considering that the seventh century.

Modern Arabic is the term for both literary Arabic (a state language of all Arab countries that’s taught in schools and utilized in media and administration) and colloquial Arabic (models of the text spoken across the Middle East and North Africa). Typically these dialects aren’t mutually intelligible – for example, a Moroccan could possibly have trouble understanding a person from Lebanon.

Arabic may prove a hard language to learn for folks with all the Latin alphabet as it uses a different writing system. Its alphabet derives in the Aramaic script and it has only three vowels (using long forms) and two diphthongs, this making the pronunciation from the words quite challenging.

The Arabic script was used since the 4th century AD and its first attested sample is surely an inscription dating from 512 AD.

Another particularity of Arabic is is always that nouns have three numbers – singular, dual and plural and three states – indefinite, definite, and construct, all these causing various inflections.

The official language of a vast (these days extinct) empire, Arabic reached many corners on the planet the location where the Islamic religion was practiced. Arabic seemed to be extensively used by scholars, astronomers, poets and politicians, every one of them contributing to its development and enrichment.

Arabic remains to be very popular nowadays. It can be spoken by approximately 250 million people and it occupies the 5th position within the the top of most widely spoken languages.

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